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Alaziz for Management Consultancy was founded in 2005, registered in the UK under No. 10781367 and it operates in all countries of the world and in the Middle East, Dubai. Our Company is a global management-consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non governmental organizations…

The company is owned by Alaziz Holding Company, which is owned by the businessman Azab Alaziz, it is one of the company’s most important investments in the sector of Management Consultancy.

We can help our clients determine who can be a most valuable business partner, conduct business research for clients and offer environmental advisory services. Furthermore, we assist our clients enhance their supply chain and other management models, outsource business processes, and conduct all sorts of HR activities like organization design, restructuring, development, change management including a wide range of training activities.


Management Development Consulting

We can help you with the following services:

Preparing short and long term strategic plans.

Developing the administrative structure in line with the strategic plans.

Preparing work policies.

Preparing organizational structures of the company and all its subsidiaries.

Preparing the job description and specifying the technical specifications of each job and the powers entrusted to it.

Reviewing and evaluating the activity of the administrative structure and preparing a strategic report on its efficiency and level of performance.

Developing internal and external policies and determining its approach to the variables.

Human Resources Consulting

We can help you with the following services:

Preparing the strategic employment plan.

Designing the work structure and defining the functions and responsibilities assigned to it.

Preparing a field study for the labor market and determining the level of salaries.

Evaluating jobs and preparing the ranks and salaries of the company / institution.

Developing skills assessment criteria.

Preparing the policies and procedures of personnel affairs.

Evaluating the working staff and work towards establishing a unified working culture for different references and levels.

Rehabilitating the company / institution to implement the transitional administration system successfully.

Economic and Marketing Studies

We can help you with the following services:

Preparing field-marketing studies.

Preparing economic feasibility studies of projects.

Preparing analytical reports on competition.

Determining the strategy of « pricing » and available opportunities for marketing products and services with determining the proportion of share in the market.

Providing comparative studies, assessing the level and standards of achievement.

Studying and analyzing consumer behaviors and priorities.

Conducting special and comprehensive economic studies.

Accounting and Financial Consulting

We can help you with the following services:

Preparing of financial policies and plans.

Designing the accounting and financial system.

Developing purchase and commitment policies.

Preparing procedures and financial control of assets and stocks.

Conducting financial review and analysis of the company’s situation and submitting a special report.

Helping organizations create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance.

Preparing financial alternatives to develop the company’s business activity according to the strategic data.

Information Systems Consulting

We can help you with the following services:

Determining the specifications and requirements for the use of information systems.

Determining hardware and software specifications.

Supervising the management of IT projects.

Preparing the transition plan from the current systems to the new ones.

Preparing the MIS reporting system.

Preparing the manual of work procedures in the « IT Department »

Preparing safety and protection systems, emergency plan and recording it within the work manual.

Preparing the business continuity plan in exceptional cases.

Developing and Training Employees

We can help you with the following services:

Preparing plans, training programs and its budget.

Conducting a study of the « workers » assessment and identifying their training needs.

Organizing « public » and « private » training courses.

Preparing training programs for senior administrative levels.

Evaluation system for training courses and the returns from them to assist the company in assessing the returns of investment in the development and training of employees.

Management and supervision of the training and rehabilitation centers for companies and contributing in the preparation and establishment of such centers.


 Management Development Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

 Economic and Marketing Studies

Accounting and Financial Consulting

Information Systems Consulting

Developing and Training Employees

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