The International Body of Arab and European Lineages and Archiving

About us

Alaziz Holding Company seeks to support and preserve the historical heritage and preserving the historical archives of the Arab tribes and the house of Allah’s Messenger peace be upon him. Alaziz Holding Company supports and develops the International Body of Arab and European Lineages and Archiving in order to have a prestigious international standing. This body is represented by a group of tribal Sheikhs and Arab tribes and the House of Allah’s Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him. Dr. Azab Alaziz , Board of Directors’ President and owner of Alaziz Holding Company occupied the position of General Secretary in the Body.

It is a historical, relative, social, cultural and research institution concerned with documenting the lineages and documenting its history over the centuries since the dawn of creation. it follow up the correlations of branches to origins ,genesis ,place of existence, the place or the country where it was displaced and what are its roots, seeking to connect it with these roots and the historical research and even the geographical for these branches and how it has become, documenting and recording it. The International Body of Arab and European lineages and archiving is a body founded by a group of scientists in lineages, jurists, experts, writers and researchers in science of lineage, registered according to the law of the state where it was declared.

Its general headquarters in the Kingdom of Norway and Switzerland seeks to achieve its objectives through spreading the culture of the true lineage of Arab and European tribes and defining the noble Arab lineages that is related to the bloodline of prophets.