Attanal Alarabi in Europe

About us

Alaziz Holding Company has the right of General Management for the project of Attanal Alarabi Project and the dissemination of Arabic Language in Europe.

European company is seeking to spread the culture of Arabic language and Attanal Alarabi project which is considered as one of the great Arab projects and which was built in accordance with an integrated corners strategy of all the European countries. It has been adopted and registered in the Kingdom of Norway. It has been adopted its certificates, programs and researchers from the European Apostille which chaired its Administrative Council in Europe under the agreement concluded between Attanal Institution in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dr. Azab Alaziz and the legal representative in front of the concerned parties . It has been formed an Administrative Council for the company to follow the project of Attanal Alarabi in Europe headed by Dr. Azab Alaziz.